Things You Should Know About Owning An Electrical Saw In Thailand


We all know the dangers and safety measures upon using electrical saws or any other kind of saws, be it at home or at work.

However, did you know that there is an electrical saw law in Thailand?

If not, here are some things you should know about owning an electrical saw in Thailand:

  • Also known as Electrical Saw Act 2002, it primarily states that people are forbidden to own, manufacture, or import chainsaws unless they have a registered license from the country’s Chainsaw Registrar.
  • In addition, people are not allowed to increase a saw’s overall machine power as already stated in the contract upon getting their registered licenses unless they are allowed to do so by the same authority.
  • Upon issuing a registered license to people, the same authority will create a mark on the chainsaw, as well as which part is only allowed to use as per the country’s Ministerial Regulation.
  • Only those who have jobs or business that requires using a chainsaw and don’t have any records that violate the Electrical Saw Act 2002 and other environmental laws such forest law, wildlife protection law and national forest and park are allowed to apply for a chainsaw license.
  • Indeed, every aspect of owning a chainsaw is under the discretion of the country’s Chainsaw Registrar. People are also not allowed to have their chainsaws repaired unless they are given the license to do so.

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Much to the dismay of those who frequently use chainsaws, even if it’s the best rated chainsaw out there, one has to understand that these are still considered as one of the world’s most dangerous tools. It shouldn’t be used for just any kind of tasks, be it for heavy chores or for artistic carving. Most of all, its safety measures should not be taken for granted. Else, serious accidents might happen that will leave one impaired for life.

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